Rogation Walk

Although It was a damp and misty morning a group of about a dozen of us met at Bishops Caundle Church. After blessings at the church we proceeded to the White Hart Pub where we were greeted with a warm welcome and coffee - thank you. We then went to the shop, school, and garage where prayers were said for the people who worked in these places and in all parts of the White Hart Vale. A pleasant walk, the drizzle had stopped!, took us to Caundle Brook, Holwell and Antell's Farm where we remembered and blessed all who worked on farms and in the agricultural community.

New Team Vicar

A very warm welcome to Rev. Richard Kirlew and his wife, Liz.

Richard is the new Team Vicar. We all very much look forward to your leadship in the White Hart Vale, and to working with you in our churches. We hope you are settling in and enjoying your new home.

Service of Blessing at Bishops Caundle Church

Following the Service of Blessing at Bishops Caundle and the returns from the questionnaire, the clergy team have proposed changes to the service pattern at Bishops Caundle. These are shown on hte service plan for March, and have been ratified by the Church Council. Lets us know what you think and see you there. Everyone is welcome. 

Bishops Caundle Church Organ

Bishops Caundle Church Organ has just been awarded a Historic Organ Certificate. This will help towards obtaining Grants, Funding and other donation to restore and clean it back to full working order, which is likely to take some time. But then when it was done, we are anticipating that we could hold some organ recitals evenings in the church. If you wish to help or get involved in any way please contact Charles Watson one of the Church Wardens heading the project.

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